Brownie Women in Media

(c) Guy Stubb

(c) Guy Stubb

This blog lives at the intersection of media with the “Brownies” of women — those of us lumped together whose ethnic origin is somewhere between Italy and China. Or Latin America. Or South America. Or a dark Irish with a strong tan. I’ve volunteered and traveled quite a bit and there’s a lot to love and lot to hate.  What I love most of all is having children be able to hold onto their wonder, love of play, and laughter. Reckless abandon especially in girls is so easily quashed. So don’t hush up, be a good little girl, or stop asking ‘why.’ The world’s a better place when kids can do that.

I’m a one time dancer, sometime actress, and writer into travel, food, fitness, women’s health, child development, parenting, science fiction, politics, physics, philosophy, and religion. All the things you don’t bring up at parties or dinners. More about me at http://www.amisha.tv.



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