As millions of women celebrate the triumph of good over evil at the hands of a powerful feminine force, women gather to do the same against Trump to ensure the victory of a powerful female.

I used to be saddened by the fact that Hillary Clinton who, think what you may of her, has indisputably been an intellectual and political powerhouse for over 35 years. At 19, she had her college commencement speech published in “Life” magazine. For her life that has been devoted to education and service to culminate in debating someone who revels in being ignorant and boasts at escaping justice, has become a symbol and meme of how so many women feel when we are made less than at work and in our own homes.

But now, I believe Hillary is EXACTLY who Donald Trump should be fighting — and losing against.

Michelle Obama definitely delivered a seminal speech that articulates why Trump has enraged women and what the issues are that need reform in our society. But let’s give credit where credit is due.

Hillary is perhaps the only female candidate, used to vicious attacks, who could have sustained and tolerated the Trump for this long and emerged with aplomb. This includes Michelle Obama because while our FLOTUS is deservedly wildly popular, somehow it is so satisfying that a woman who had once been friends with Trump, who once had her back, then met the fate so many women in his life have, i.e., got screwed over and shamed royally; an eminently qualified woman, the type Trump usually dismisses since he only dehumanizes women as breasts on legs giving them ratings; it is so RICH that a non-fashionable, intellectually driven, overachieving woman who does not care one iota who likes her or doesn’t should be the one to defeat him — along with her legions.

These past weeks in the Hindu faith have been Navratri, a nine day and night celebration that celebrates the Divine in the female form, Shakti or Durga, a powerful feminine force made manifest to conquer evil. Twenty days later, as light shines through the darkness again, Diwali is celebrated. Though the nature of the festival differs in various regions of India, it is essentially a female driven festival to celebrate good over evil.

Durga is not your ordinary divinity. She had a purpose and was summoned. The bull-demon (half man-half bull and able to transform shapes), Mahishasura, had gotten his powers from the gods himself and had gotten the boon to die at the hands of a woman. He wreaked havoc on heaven and earth believing himself immortal, since he underestimated the power of a woman and thought himself beyond reproach or harm.

The world descended into chaos as Mahishasura gathered an army who unleashed the worst of human nature to suppress the weak and ignore that which held communities together, like justice and freedom. Then, depending on the version, either the gods or one of the Supreme God’s female consorts, a divine being, Parvati, summoned the universe’s feminine primordial force: Shakti, Durga, Devi, Ma (Universal Mother).

Thus was born the Goddess Durga with 10-20 arms depicting all the tools at her disposal to slay  and defeat him — these weapons included not just spears and bows and arrows but also knowledge and compassion.



When Mahishasura heard of this warrior Durga, he was condescending, taunting her by saying a beautiful woman could not fight. He thought she would be an easy conquest as so many others had been and eagerly fought her. Though she easily slayed the demons who stood between her and their leader, she realized that she could not be in this fight alone.
Without stopping the battle, she thought, I am also going to need people to fight for me.
She muttered powerful prayers and concentrated. Mahishasura could not believe what he was seeing. Suddenly behind Durga, he could see a new army. An army of fierce brave warriors, who looked every bit as ferocious and resolute as the Devi herself. Men but mainly…women.
His army laughed but Mahishasura almost faltered. But he was the leader of his men. He could not back off now. He had to face it and try to win.
The army of the Devi effortlessly destroyed the remaining army of Mahishasura. All of them fought like Devi Durga – with single minded devotion, patiently and fiercely. As the army lay in ruins around them, Durga approached Mashishasura himself who kept shift shaping. Each time Durga prevailed until at last, in his bull shape, she pounced on him.

If ever there was man who believed himself immortal, who underestimated women and treated them like dirt and objects of his pleasure his whole life, who has laughed in the face of justice and believes in making fun of and even annihilating those he perceives as weak, if ever anyone dehumanized swathes of the population, it would be Trump our modern day Mahishasura. How appropriate, then, that as millions of women celebrate the triumph of good over evil at the hands of a powerful feminine force, millions of women are gathering to do the same against Trump to ensure the victory of a powerful female.

Karma’s a bitch, Trump, and she has dozens of weapons at her disposal, a hundred names and millions of devotees. We’ll see your darkness stamped out by a million flickering lights by Diwali. Specifically, November 8th.

Happy Navrathri!



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