Since when has singular focus on a goal been a shortcoming in national leaders, @nytimesdavidbrooks? Does it have to do with being a wo…having hobbies? Apologists and on-the-fencers, take a look at some factual reports @HillaryClinton

The bullshit level is off the charts. When Trump — a crude Vegas showman, failed businessmen, misogynist bigot bully who incites violence and hatred who has made parents cry when he makes fun of the handicapped — is compared to Hillary Clinton; when people are saying “I don’t know who’s the worst choice.”; when every supportive post of Hillary Clinton’s is almost apologetic: I don’t really like her but… or “she’s not perfect but..” then WTF. Perfection is barely an ideal for the gods.

Clinton’s weak spot, as per this article is because she is a career politician. YES. She is. You know who else are career politicians: Sanders. Obama. Bush. You don’t accidentally become President. You work your entire life for it. Perhaps their image consultants are better — and (surprise!!) it’s all an image. We are emotional voters not logical ones and politicians and defense attorneys know that. I hate to break bubbles but all of them get as many consultants and makeovers as the Kardashians. Maybe not that much but almost.

Sure she doesn’t have the same charisma as her husband and charisma helps anyone go a long way, just ask Stalin, Hitler, and that player my senior year of high school. To say “she’s unlikeable” because of that though is liberals giving in to the same mentality as the “I like Bush cause I can have a beer with him.” I don’t want to have a beer with my national leader. I want to ensure my roads are working, economy is strong, and healthcare available so I can afford to drink beer with my friends (aside: Belgian Lambics though, made a hipster artisan beer lover out of me).

You know what being a dedicated professional shows me: that she’s got the mettle, focus, experience, track record, and a built-in network. You know when you apply for a job what they want…YUP.

So, how is being singularly focused a shortcoming? Every dancer I know is. Every writer. Every i-banker and surgeon. Successful one that is. Everyone who is successful in any field, especially on the national level, is singularly focused. Has focus been a shortcoming for a man, for Sanders? And THERE IT IS — the gender card. I hate playing it because we know where the race card led to in the OJ trial but time to call a spade, a spade. SPADE. Focus isn’t the problem here, Mr. Brooks nor is lack of charisma.

Just as Obama’s racist opponents never mentioned his color we all knew that though not all his opponents were racists, he endured much more vitriol because of it. And I would say it’s worse for Hillary. She has more negative media coverage than Trump. Misogyny comes in many forms and is so accepted that we all sit around thinking, 1 out of 6 women being assaulted is okay and maybe rape victims are sluts, and calling someone a bitch at work shows she has no humor, and of course, she’ll take care of cleaning and the kids after marriage, and why isn’t’ she in shape 3 weeks postpartum, and pay inequality is so whatever. Talk to me about her policies if you got issues.

To say she’s untrustworthy because she’s a politician — because what, that’s what politicians are known for, their honesty?News outlets repeatedly show she has the highest truth/fact marker after debates than any other candidate, including Sanders.

Politics is not social justice, nor activism, nor the law, it is politics — wheeling and dealing, negotiating, compromising to reach your end goal and if you can maintain your integrity somehow you are lucky as much as strong because since time immemorial the press and public and opponents are there to break or kill you.

If Sanders became President he’d have to kowtow and get much less done than his supporters think; because that’s how the national hotseat works. Checks and balances and making bedfriends with enemies in a complex global stage is not the optimal breeding ground for dramatic heroes. I’m not saying Sanders can’t do the job but there is no basis for believing Clinton is unable to nor unqualified to — much less in the same damned league (that shouldn’t even be on the damned playing field) as Trump.


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