Neil Degrasse Tyson confirmed it on Cosmos: We are all stars, TMZ be damned. Between Cosmos and Good Wife: Mind officially blown.

We are all Star Matter. As Mr. Tyson walks out of the stars saying, “You. Me. Everyone. We are all star stuff.”  I KNEW IT.  Take that to your next pitch meeting, audition, callback, writer’s rooms with you.







On a separate note, is it me or does Mr. Tyson have quite a bit of swag for a physicist as he jaunts down Italy’s alleys and saunters on oceans. Speaking of minds being blown, drowned out the entire outside world and finally sat down to watch last night’s “Good Wife.”  I feel pretty much the same way when I watch “Cosmos.” Not a ton of science but good theatrics to bring out information that inspired me — alas I sucked at math so no matter how well I did in physics nor how much I loved it, there was always that limitation…




Speaking of mind blowing television: “Good Wife” had their own version of a red wedding. Will reveal no spoilers. Watch. And cry. Then comfort yourself with some “Cosmos” that all of human existence is less than a second old.



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