Reblogged from Teresa Jusino’s “The Fray Project: Research and Writing Fellowships”: Castle and Grimm spec scripts

Just discovered this blogger and love her enthusiasm, drive, and of course shared love of Dr. Who, Grimm, and sci fi. Talented and motivated writer who will definitely get where she wants to go. Great post from her blog on how she took initiative to reach out to writers via Twitter (kindred spirit!) and sets goals that she holds herself accountable for. Valuable advice given on TV writing esp for specs.

The Teresa Jusino Experience

Hello, everyone!

And I was doing SO well. 🙂 But I missed Tuesday’s post, which was supposed to be a Writing post. So, I’m doing it today. Sorry about that.

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet up with a writer on one of my favorite TV shows, NBC’s Grimm. I reached out to her via Twitter and asked if she’d be amenable to sitting down with me over coffee so that I could pick her brain about writing – totally not expecting an answer at all. She surprised me by saying yes! I wanted to speak with her specifically, because 1) she’s a writer on a show of the type that I would like to write one day, and 2) she’s a newer writer who also happens to be a woman of color, and I wanted to get that perspective. She confirmed some stuff…

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