Sketch Packet example for Late Night submission: from @dubouchet

LateNightLogo_crescent_FINALThanks to Gen Kiyooka (@genkiyooka) from my TV Writers group for this! Here’s a terrific example of a sketch packet for those of you applying to the Late Night competition I posted about earlier (deadline Aug. 16th!).

This is from Andrés du Bouchet (@dubouchet) and it’s hilarious — I myself have thought of celebrity GPS and this was golden. No wonder he went on to write for Conan. Check out his website for more.

Just an excerpt….the complete sketch packet here:


GPS is an indispensable tool of modern transportation, but it can be boring. Now, you can get your GPS system outfitted with both the voice and personality of your favorite celebrity!

Woody Allen – “Oh jeez, you really should’ve made that left back there. Stop veering! Get in the left lane. I haven’t wanted to be in a lane this much since I met Diane Lane at The Russian Tea Room. She’s a looker. But way out of my league. You missed another turn. Sorry. Do you have any aspirin?”

Dick Cheney – “Make a right. Then the next right. Then another right! Always stay to the right!”

Mel Gibson – “Speed up, Sugartits! We’re being chased by a vast Jewish conspiracy!”

Sidney Poitier – “Remember, the choices that you make here and now will have a profound effect on where this road takes you. In twenty, or even fifty years, will you be able to look back on this moment and say to yourself ‘yes, I am proud of the person I have become?’ If so, then merge! Merge with all your heart!”

Nick Nolte – “Where are we? Do you have an atlas? Get out a map! I need a drink. Wait, I’m just a voice, I can’t drink! Aaaaaaaaah! (beat) You have arrived at your destination.”

A new one-dollar coin featuring a portrait of George Washington was unveiled today. Finally, a coin with Washington on it! Other soon-to-be introduced currency:
-A one dollar bill with Lincoln’s face on it.
-The one cent bill.
– A twenty dollar bill with a portrait of Andrew Jackson in which he is holding a ten dollar bill and giving a thumbs up.
– A bill with 50s in the upper left and lower right corners, and 100s in the other two corners, with a portrait of Grant and Franklin making out.
– A bill that just has dollar signs in the corners and the word ‘Money!’ across the middle. The portrait is of a cheeseburger driving a racecar.


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