RIP Cory Monteith. Extraordinary journey that ended too early. #GLEEonFox

cory_monteithCory Monteith, who just turned 31, was an original cast member of “Glee” died in a hotel room in Vancouver on Sat, July 13.  I am a Gleek, a moderate one as far as fans go — the last season is still on my DVR but I love the show. I wish this show had existed when I was in high school. The show celebrates being different and dares to be different itself.  From the pilot on, I was hooked.

Monteith may not have won American Idol, but he was full of heart and charm and a contagious love for singing and music. He was adorable and talented, seemed like he was having fun. He was a working actor. His journey is extraordinary because he left high school, worked odd jobs, worked on dozens of TV shows and a few films with bit parts until “Glee.” Good old fashioned hard work and that elusive dose of right place, right show. That is an extraordinary break and a challenge he took on with success and humility.

He was so under the radar with his personal life and genuinely happy all the time it seemed, that I had no idea he even had addiction issues.  He had checked into rehab for drug and alcohol addiction this past April.  He’s been open about it saying that he was lucky to be alive given all that he’s done.  The night he died, he had entered his hotel room in the wee hours of Saturday morning, police report, and they suspect no foul play. Addiction is the elephant in the room. Addiction is the heartbreaking disease that no amount of love or success can touch.

As with all loss, those he leaves behind will need the most healing including his on-screen/off-screen girlfriend, Lea Michele. She was on the cover of the January issue of “Marie Claire,” in which she said “Cory makes me feel like I can do anything.” They were to move in together on his return from Vancouver.


In his memory, Mashable already has 15 of his best performances from “Glee” up. Here it is.  It features his (fantastically creative) audition tape, drumming away with spoons on glasses and jars. Just Jared has a slideshow of his life and career.  

Here’s my favorite: what he sang for his audition. Rest in Peace. It’s a loss for all of us.



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