Warner Bros launches e-books of classic movie scripts and everything (i mean everything) related to film

If you want to write, you gotta read and here’s a new e-book series that I just came across to send you on your way:

Warner Bros. Launches Awesome ‘Inside the Script’ E-Book Series

by  (from firstshowing.net)

While there’s plenty of people out there who enjoy going to the movies, there are plenty of readers out there who, like myself, just soak up everything related to cinema. From soundtracks to books and all sorts of memorabilia, cinema is more than a hobby for many. Now Warner Bros. has a new way to quench the thirst for all things related to film as the studio has started the Inside the Script digital publishing initiative. Reading scripts of our favorite movies is one thing, but how about getting digital versions that also include production notes, storyboards, movie posters, set designs and behind-the-scenes photos? More below!

Today Warner Bros. announced the launch of their Inside the Script series (in a full press release which we found at Engadget) which is available for iBookstore, Kindle and Nook devices. The first films getting the Inside the Script treatment are the recognizable classics Casablanca, Ben-Hur, An American in Paris and North by Northwest. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in each installment:

“North by Northwest”
– Director Alfred Hitchcock’s editing and main title sequence notes
– Composer Bernard Herrmann’s music notes
– Photos and documents from Alfred Hitchcock’s papers:
– story department photos
– storyboards and photos of crop duster sequence
– production schedules and daily scene reports
– hair and makeup tests
– costume sketches

These new eBooks not only contain a film’s complete shooting scriipt, but also “dozens of chapters about the script and the film that detail the movie’s development; rare historical documents such as production notes, storyboards and candid photos; and an interactive image gallery of costumes, on-set stills, movie posters, set designs and behind-the-scenes photos.” To check out all the features in each script and learn more about the new series, head over to Warner Bros. official shop where they are now available for download at $9.99 each. [AMAZON HAS FOR $7.99] I hope some more modern titles get this treatment sometime soon. Since it’s Warner Bros. maybe The Dark Knight Rises could get this treatment after the film is released.


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