AUGUST DEADLINES: Roman Coppola and #Sundance

I don’t know about you but I need deadlines. I may have a tough time adhering to them at times but maybe it’s my journalist roots. Fellowships aren’the only route in. If you’re a filmmaker in addition to a writer and you can make your own stuff, whole new worlds can open.

There are so many contests, but only a few that actually get you anywhere, meaning into a meeting with someone who can actually do something for your project and career. And a few that promise good amounts of cash, like these three:

Sundance Focus Forward. Deadline: August 23rd. Grand Prize: $100k. A 3 minute nonfiction film on an innovation or invention. Info at:

Sundance/Sloane Commissioning Grant & Fellowship. Deadline: September 7th. A feature length script based on a scientific topic, NOT sci-fi. Info at:

Intel’s Four Stories.  Deadline: August 30th.  Win a chance to make a short with Roman Coppola (yes, related to that Coppola; the son of, in fact).  Info at  Directly from BuzzFeed’s Account Manager:
What do Intel, W Hotels, and Roman Coppola have in common? If you said nothing, guess again! If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, then you definitely want to check out the newest script writing contest which kicked off TODAY. Contestants will enter a 10 minute script that must integrate the W Hotel as well as Intel’s new Ultrabook, and three lucky winners will be selected to work with Roman Coppola on making their script into a short. 



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