The Roads Less Traveled: TV Writing and Entrepreneurship

So although I’ve been aiming to get to TV — yes, envision twang; it’s my Miranda Lambert mood — since I won the Script Review award from Nickelodeon, it just kicked into even higher gear.  Plus, at Banyan Parents we’ve had amazing people joining our experts panel, advisors, and board. It’s really happening. ALL of it. And I’m ready.

Feel free to follow me as I chart the waters of professional screenwriting and entrepreneurship.

They’re not as different as you think. Both require a can-do attitude and a deep desire to never commute and a deep pathology to be able to handle the instability of such professions. This energy also requires time management and prioritization otherwise it’s like all passion and no direction. Think Jean Grey who was a whip smart, kickass X-Man before she became Phoenix and had to be killed. So. Don’t be killed. Channel Jean with Phoenix under tight wraps.

My first step is making a list. I am List Queen. Reigning over my closet sized study. Very boring. Yet, important. How important? Many success stories, including Madonna surprisingly (or not so much depending on your view of her), would write down what she wanted to accomplish the next day, every single day during her teens and 20’s until she made it. Given she stills tops the charts, I’d say she not just made it, she MADE it.

A Yale study followed grads and the ones who wrote down their goal were one third more likely to meet them. Plus, for a business you need a business plan. Sounds obvious but so did wearing pants over thongs and underwear.

Lists. Goals. Steps. Write them.  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  Keep in mind (self-imposed and external) deadlines and appointments.  Prioritize. And begin! Good luck. A journey is always more fun with friends.


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