Choice in healthcare but not women’s bodies

So for months we hear from Republicans about how healthcare reform is an infringement on a person’s right to choice and was a socialist agenda — which was a totally false viewpoint on the bill — yet Republicans feel deciding what a woman does with her body is not an infringement and having to explain her decisions to others is perfectly constitutional and acceptable.

Today, Oklahoma’s Republican legislature overruled Governor Brad Henry’s veto on 2 anti-abortion bills so now women must not only see an ultrasound but hear a description of the fetus before choosing abortion and doctors who purposely mislead a woman to keep her from choosing an abortion are legally protected. This applies to all women, even those who are victims of rape or incest.  So after suffering such a horror as rape or incest, a woman, most likely teen, is forced to answer questionnaires and made to feel guilty about going through with a pregnancy with no recourse if a doctor misinforms her in case she has a child who may be disabled.

Which profession is allowed purposeful misinformation? Which senator would like to help pay parents take care of disabled children? How about we hear the description of the abuse and neglect of kids who were unwanted? Both pro-lifers and pro-choicers are united about this egregious laws. “The Dallas Morning News” had this to say — and that’s Dallas, not exactly a bastion of liberal pro-choicers.

No, Senator Lamb, most children will not become policemen or scientists because most of the women who must face these decisions are looking at a potentially disabled child or face poverty. Step off the righteous pedestal that doesn’t allow for crimes and fateful accidents and go volunteer for the kids who were born into homes that could not take care of them.  Talk to the women who must go through these painful decisions because if the condom breaks, a man can always walk away without these messy moral decisions. No sane woman wants to make this decision and must live life-long with it that no man could possibly understand.

If you care so much about “life,” then pass a bill with a few hundred million dollars to help the women whom you are forcing into motherhood at any cost be able to live the lives that you comfortably do — and get the counseling to get over rape or incest if the situation was such.  That is called standing behind your principles: it’s not about just being born, it’s about being nourished, loved, and taken care of — applied to the mother and the child. Help women and single moms who can’t do that with resources not morals. Oh…what’s that…there’s a recession…not enough money…not your fault…sorry but…(pin drop silence).  Thought so.


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