Entering #Detox Hell

Submitted by Annapurna

l probably shouldn’t say hell since that’s just so…negative. Since the end of Dec I’ve been thinking of “cleansing.” Some research and lots of talking to various doctors and nutrition counselors later, I decided against any sort of colon cleansing. So lots of research and that conclusion was as far as I got in being proactive.

Then, it was a trip to Hawaii.  How can one detox on vacation completely.  I was a bit better than in Costa Rica where this all started, where not even daily surfing could combat pasta, pizza, local beer. Hey, it’s tough being vegetarian in that country…

Then there were things, you know, parties, birthdays, stressful days that needed a glass of wine…things

Then, I thought I’d do the vegan to the raw to the juice cleansing: the 21-Day Detox. Just like for those trying to quit smoking, some personalities either need to go cold turkey and for others the gradual approach works. I’m more cold turkey it turns out.

I was also over-confident: I’m practically vegan most days, very active, take supplements…

Then, I wake up about 10 pounds heavier and able only to wear pants with elastic. Which is where we are now. I think the culprit here are potato chips, fries (my comfort foods) but mainly alcohol. I don’t drink much but for me, 3-4 glasses a week, which it can get to in a city social life and professional this-and-that, is double that in pounds on the hips.

I’d love to say that I had a spiritual motivation for getting back on a health kick but it’s basically so I don’t spend money on a wardrobe in a size I’m reluctant to buy. Till then, I have yoga pants. Vanity, spirituality, cleansing — the path is the same. Intentions sometime take a while to manifest and it’s okay as long as you are on the path.

In my research, I came across the Master Cleanse w/Spicy Lemonade of Stanley Burroughs and Beyonce fame. I cannot.  I’m too active and there was too much evidence that such a fast seriously depletes muscle mass and tanks your metabolism.

I finally decided on a variation of the Master Cleanse that uber-trainer, Gregory Joujon-Roche, came up with so you’re not killing your good bacteria, starving, deprived of energy and nutrients, ruining your metabolism, or making you go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Plus, I like how Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Pink, Gisele, and Daniel Craig look. The man’s obviously onto something. His website, onebodyonelife.com, and videos are great resources for exercises as well.

all the benefits of veg juice w/o a juicer

It does use the lemonade in the a.m. — yes, I will get that convert fat to energy lemonade mixer mentioned in his video! — and a liver tonic flush which for drinking urbanites is a must with almonds as snacks and salads/raw foods for lunch and dinner.

It does not require anything complicated, which is always the biggest obstacle to maintain a routine, although it does require a juicer once a day right before lunch but I found a way around it since they take a long time to clean and I don’t want to spend $200 (and up) on it. For the veg juice, inspired by the Dr.Greens powder, I bought Green Superfood (many variations of it; this one’s organic) from Whole Foods so I can blend it and not spend time on the juicer.

Supplement wise, this Master Cleanse focuses on making sure you get your daily take of vitamin C and magnesium. In addition, combining knowledge from other sources, I also make sure I get in fiber — Fiber One by Kellogg’s is ranked the best by doctors and nutritionists/trainers — and calcium twice a day.   For vegetarians, nothing else will get you your B’s: B12, B6 so a Super B supplement is also critical.  And no alcohol.

I can’t figure out how to attach a PDF so I will just post this version of the Master Cleanse which also includes a comprehensive listing from a medical source on vitamins.

studies show charting progress increases chance of results

I also weigh myself — thus finding the scale tipping ten pounds over normal. I hate hate numbers because to me, you can get stuck on that. My body type being a certain weight looks different than someone else exactly my height and weight. People can get fixated on some ideal, usually unhealthy number, often not respecting their own body type. But there is a point to noting it: tracking helps chart progress. So I measured the necessary and weighed and won’t do it again for at least 2 weeks (you’re not supposed to do it daily).

I incorporated at least 30-60 min of cardio, meaning treadmill, elliptical, Arc Trainer (sort of a combo of the previous two), and bike since I hate cardio and need variety.  And episodes of Burn Notice and a good cardio mix.  I figured out my target heart zone for fat burning — yes, you must reach it if you’re really going to burn those calories otherwise you could be there for an hour and it won’t do much. Calculate yours.

I still do yoga, still weight train, and now am meticulous about Pilates (at home through Exercise TV which rocks). This last because as a sufferer of sciatica with a flexible hyper extended back, the lower back takes the brunt of it — and it has been as nighttime jabs of pain convey — if the abs aren’t rock solid, or at least not jello, which if you’re to protect your back.

So it begins. Get back to you in a month.


One comment

  1. sukie dhami

    you can do it!!! i will support you through it. My detox has me refreshed and loving life, I did it more for the energy level but def saw a loss in the belly weight…:)

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