Seeking Middle-Eastern/Pakistani Men

Beau Bonneau Casting is seeking Middle Eastern men with emphasis on Pakistanis, 18 years and older, to work 1 or 2 days as extras portraying Muslims.

DATE:  Mosque scenes will be filmed Wed. 2/17 at a temple in Oakland.  [If fluent in Urdu], some Pakistani men will work a 2nd day Thurs. 2/18 portraying family members of the speaking actors in hospital scenes filmed on Treasure Island.

HOURS:  These are day time shoots but we never know the exact start time until the evening before each shoot day.  Shoot days typically last up to 10 hours or more, with lunch provided.  You must be available all day without conflict, from very early morning, i.e. 6 or 7 am to evening hours.

RATES:  Non Union Extras are paid minimum wage based on city location.  Oakland min. wage is $8.00/hr and the pay rate is $64.00 for 8hrs plus overtime at time and ½.  San Francisco min. wage is $9.79/hr and applies for Treasure Island; payment is $78.32 for up to 8 hours plus overtime at time and ½.  These standard TV extra rates are paid by production, not Beau Bonneau Casting.

STORY:  Extras will appear to be praying when an older Pakistani woman has a seizure causing the cast member medics to respond.

WARDROBE:  Loose fitting clothing, i.e. button front shirts, long-sleeve tops, pants or long skirts, including dark socks, as shoes will be removed before entering the prayer area. Women will also wear a hijab or scarf covering the head and neck.

Employment Requirements:  I-9s will be filled out on set.  U.S citizens must have a current U.S. Passport or a valid Drivers License or state issued photo ID with either your Social Security card or birth certificate.  Non U.S. citizens must have a current Green Card or Permanent Resident Card.  Casting may ask to see your ID prior to the work date to ensure employment eligibility.  If you do not have the proper identification, you cannot be cast or employed by this production.

How to submit:

If you are at least available Wed 2/17 for Oakland mosque scenes, please email the following information to ASAP:

* First, Last Name & (i.e. Joe Smith 2/17)

* Cell phone and alternate # if you have one

* Ethnicity  –  * If Pakistani please also note your availability for 2/18 either way

* Height, Weight and approximate age (20s, 40, 60s, etc.)

* 2 recent color photos, a basic close up & full standing view.   Note: We need to see what you look like, NO black and white pictures please.

Submissions will be reviewed and Beau Bonneau Casting staff will contact you to check your specific availability if we can cast you.  Thank you.


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