#SuperBowl politics

The Super Bowl should be a politics-free zone — of any kind — yet CBS has made it a front-and-center issue by injecting abortion politics by running a commercial from the anti-choice, anti-sex education, and homophobic group Focus on the Family.
This is sheer hypocrisy on the network’s part. In past years, CBS has regularly rejected advocacy ads from progressive groups, including a 2004 MoveOn ad that criticized President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility and an ad from the United Church of Christ showing them welcoming a gay couple who had been turned away from another congregation. (from change.org)

CBS ultimately refused to back down in the face of this criticism. Focus on the Family was able to have their $4 million investment approved – money they spent after laying off 20 percent of their staff.

The controversy had an unintended consequence: bringing together feminist and gay rights advocates.  Bloggers begin interacting on why every gay rights advocate should be a feminist, and why every feminist should be a gay rights advocate.

As change.org says:  Yes, this advertisement sparked controversy.  But it might also spark a combined movement for change that lasts much longer than a 30 second commercial.


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