Inspiration, Intentions: taking yoga into work

I don’t believe in resolutions just because of the New Year, although it’s as good of a time as any to set intentions — which I do believe in.  In my yoga practice and teaching, I’m set.  In my re-commitment to gender violence, I’m set. In my profession, it’s so much harder.

The blows to esteem notwithstanding, to sit down in front of a blank screen or page and to try yet again…Then, I read Kiyong’s blog as I was researching the 2010 Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship (submission period has begun and will end FEB. 28TH!).  He had a blog setting his intentions for the new year. He’s on my blogroll:  His tone is very positive and generous.  I realized: I gotta set my intentions.

In fact, this is the perfect way to take my yoga practice off the mat, into my life.  As I said, I set intentions on my mat, I bring intentions into the world through healing, but forgot to do that with my profession.

Emotions aside, writing is about one thing: rolling up your sleeves and writing. Dame Barbara Cartland was one of the most read writers of the past century and one of the most disciplined, writing a minimum of 5000 words per day. We all know the story of J.K. Rowling, in that cafe with her baby day after day.

As K. Pattabhi Jois said to his yoga students: “practice and it will come.” A variation on the Gita pada,  just do what must be done and don’t worry about the outcome. This is especially true for anyone in the arts or entertainment industry where there is no rhyme or reason much less prediction.


So, here are my intentions:

1. Competition is tough so until my spec for the Nickelodeon is done, that’s my main focus.  Immersion is the way I operate. Sit and watch the show I’m working on and read its scripts; repeat and rinse until I get out that spec.  A little OCD but it works for me.

2.  The completed feature specs I have are good.  They need to be great.  Don’t start a new thing until these old ones are in competitive shape (after #1 is done). Then the cold queries.

3. Finish the spec original TV pilot. Spring season is almost upon us.  I’ve done the research — trades every single day! newspapers every single day! — to know that my labor of love also fits the pulse of the market and has enough appeal for execs need a star-vehicle that hits their primary demographics.  With these intetions, TV: covered.  Film: covered.

Intentions also cast aside the riff-raff of your life.  The novel will just have to wait.  More stable job offers will have to wait — though my nails are bitten to the core having made that decision because that means the personal budget is in a straitjacket.

Plays will have to wait.  I love the theatre but I can’t juggle it all.  If I had some production credits, an agent, personal assistant, and getting commissions, perhaps.  John Patrick Shanley, Neil LaBute, anyone British have done it.  It’s where I’m headed!

Improv or acting will have to wait.  Though it inspires my writing, I can’t do without my yoga and there just isn’t enough hours in the day, esp now with the teaching.  Plus, either it’s that or alcoholism and I can’t get past a glass or two of the spirits these days so it’s not even an option anymore…sigh…is there to be no reprieve…

Even my personal and social life will have to be a bit more boring because dare I repeat…there just isn’t enough time in the day!

It has been written — in the public forum — there’s no going back.  Well, there’s never going back. Forward is the only direction this particular time-space continuum of ours has made available to us.  I know, it bothers me too and that’s why I love and write sci-fi…outside of the imagination, we just have to live every day with it.


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