Why We Wait

Submitted by Pomegranate

A woman waits for a man she likes with hope, with eagerness.  She waits, hoping against reason, practicality and most importantly, experience.  She waits knowing that she may well be a fool not to extinguish hope and foster indifference in its place.  But she waits. Because she likes the man. Because this is her excursion into the world of faith, of possibility, and emotion; into a world of light and joy, spontaneity and laughter.  And though she knows disappointment is likely, she fosters her hope, protects it, because she values the ability in herself to have the feeling at all.


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  1. Wait for the Single Man

    A beautiful piece, and one I think most women can identify with. I know too well those many crushes I’ve had, waiting, hoping beyond all reason. Usually the man does not turn and see me waiting. Sometimes he does.

    The only caveat is that if hoping and waiting for a man who is or has recently been discussing marriage with another woman–or in any long term relationship at all–the transition between his break-up and going for him should be longer than a week… ie. We should wait for a good long while…. I say this, out of experience on both sides, having once “waited” for a man in a relationship and gotten involved with him far too soon after his break up with the ex he described to me as “harpiesh” but whom of course he never got over while we were in our own relationship. I hadn’t waited long enough. There had been no time for him to heal. I also speak from the experience of the end of my most recent and most serious (ever) relationship: (karma karma karma). The other woman “waited” a month after meeting my best friend and lover(while we were in the relationship–discussing marriage) and 5 days (after we broke up because of family issues that would have made marriage very difficult) before jumping into a relationship with him. Not long after, she emotionally blackmailed him into ceasing communication with me all together. If only she had waited for a few months for us both to heal…. If only she had refused to be the rebound and WAITED…. I think all three of us would be a lot happier right now…

    That’s the irony isn’t it. Sometimes we women, who would otherwise be friends, can be each other’s worst enemies. Yes, hope and love are beautiful things, things to be treasured and protected…. But solidarity, sisters, solidarity. don’t lets do to another woman what we would not want done to us…. Wait. Wait. Wait.

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