New discovery — shame on me for having it be so “new.” RUMPUS is, in the words of the LA Times, “an online literary and culture magazine with bite” based in San Francisco, founded by Stephen Elliot, author of seven books such as “Happy Baby” and “Looking Forward to It.”

Elliot founded it on such an obvious premise that like everything too obvious, we’ve missed it:

The Internet was supposed to diversify content, and it did as far as blogs and very specific pages. But for magazines it’s had the opposite effect. All the major online magazines are focusing on the exact same stories…We focus on regular culture, not pop culture, and we try to introduce people to art they might not have heard of…Our target audience is smart temps. We update at least 10 times a day. Our original features and interviews tend to be around 1,500 words, intelligent content you can read while your boss is focusing on something else.”

Three sections: the Rumpus Blog, links to 6-10 blog posts per day; Rumpus Originals, 1-2 original articles/interviews per day; Rumpus Columns, one per day by  one of their 15 columnists.

What to submit:

NO to Obama, food articles, political writing and rants, pop culture

YES to excellent writing, essays and articles that intersect with culture. They do focus on nurturing younger writers although established writers such as Jerry Stahl and Rick Moody also contribute and write regular columns.

Please send book review inquiries only to Andrew Altschul —
Interview pitches to
Send film related articles to Scott Hutchins —

Send art related articles to Julie Greicius —
Send all other articles to —
Send Morning Coffee links to Dan Weiss —


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