A Proposal

Submitted by Amisha Upadhyaya

TheProposalSaw “The Proposal” on the plane, the only place and time I’d see it given the reviews.  It was as the reviews said:  predictable. Sandra Bullock is as charming as she is in rom coms and Ryan Reynolds was as adorable as the movie required.  It was good to see a boss who was the female; the only nod to something different. But…

We’ve seen it a million times, probably because there is appealing to see a very independent person be quelled by love.  The ending is fine, it’s how you get there that makes it intriguing. This movie got there in such predictable steps, it was a like a checklist: two people who hate each other thrown together by extenuating circumstances; quirky family members; love blossoms, is turned away, and then a last minute monologue of a declaration of love.

What no one talks about is what happens to the independence of an independent person?  Ms. Bullock’s character was an orphan who made it — that’s to be celebrated.  The fire that gets her the best authors and the best publishing deals is a fire that undoubtedly can be unleashed in other arenas.  Independence is often made out to be a bad thing, independence being lumped in there with building walls and other defense mechanisms and power trips which are indeed foils to love.  But not the independence itself. Maybe even the failure to recognize when to be independent and when to be vulnerable – vulnerable not dependent.

I have a proposal:  a movie that starts where “The Proposal” left off.  Fires can make a person restless but also ambitious, interesting, sensual.  I’d like to see the story of how a fire can be stoked and maintained in a committed relationship rather than extinguished or left to consume in an inferno.


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