Amanda TV Writer & Nancy Miller

Submitted by Amisha Upadhyaya

First of all, let me say I swiped this from Amanda’s blog — one of the best I have ever seen as an informative blog in general and most definitely for TV writing.  She seems to be a very generous and observant emerging writer.  I always have to point out humanity whenever I see glimpses of it.

This WGA  video of Nancy Miller (EP, “Saving Grace”: full imdb) is raw and insightful.

Towards the end she says what I’ve said, what I’ve heard been said over and again: if you can do anything else, if you love anything else, DO IT.  Because talent and craft are essential but it will take tenacity — and patience — for that big break.

And, no shock here, for women, it sucks even more.  No, it’s not the minority status of it.  After all this is the only town where being a gay, Jewish man would be useful and push your career along.

Yes, some people are chauvinists but it’s gotta do more w/just being with who you know, which one could argue is ingrained chauvinism at its subconscious level, like people who cross an empty street when seeing a black man.  Similarly,  “don’t hire” bells must go off upon seeing boobies, that place deep inside where you laugh at violent Tarantino scenes and racist jokes and know you want someone who you can smoke up with and make jokes about penises freely.

Silver lining: comfort is the death of creativity, so the really really good folks-in-charge (EP’s, showrunners, etc) do hire outside the box.  Like Nancy Miller!

I need to keep reading this because it reaffirms: a) there is nothing else I want to do or have ever wanted to do and b) to keep plugging.  They say most writers don’t like collaborations.  Not me. How can you not when characters are very selfish? They tell you their stories and leave.


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