Cylon Alert…

Early Bday Gift: BSG Blu-Ray!

Early Bday Gift: BSG Blu-Ray!

My wonderful hub, hereby called 14, gave me an early bday present. BSG complete series in Blu Ray!!!  “70 hours over 5 discs, 22 full-length commentaries, 57 full-length podcasts, 5 extended episodes (6 if you count the Unrated Extended version of Razor), 5 hours of behind-the-scenes featurettes and documentaries, nearly 7 hours of deleted scenes, more than 2 hours of EP David Eick’s behind-the-scenes Video Blogs, and a variety of U-Control options.”

And…its own Cylon action figure — the modern Centurion — now on my desk ready to strangle me whenever I get lax in my work.

Cylon meets Sammy at my desk

Toaster meets Sammy

Speaking of…seen in the headlines of NY Times: Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man.

Did they see BSG or its finale??  That’s a rhetorical. Pleeeeease, we barely learn from history much less “fiction.”


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