Joss Whedon on Strong Female Characs

Joss Whedon’s most compelling words may not be from his creations like Firefly, Serenity, or Buffy.  In this 2006 speech just released by the foundation his mother set up, Equality Now, his answer to the most-asked question he gets, ‘why do you write such strong female characters,’ is one of the most articulate, honest and insightful I have heard. Intro by Meryl Streep.

Highlights include:

“something about a female protaganist allows a man to identify with her that opens up an aspect of himself that…he may be uncomfortable expressing through a male identification figure”

“why is this even a question…why aren’t you asking the 100 other guys why they aren’t writing strong female characters?…I don’t believe what I’m doing should be remarked upon much less honored.”

and the best is for last…if nothing skip ahead to 7:00 to the end. BRILLIANT.


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