Submitted by Amisha Upadhyaya

Saw “The Hangover.” Yes, funny.   Long line of movies popularized by the Apatow camp and Will Ferrell on adolescent men.  Much as I love Will Ferrell, grown up men in romantic comedies are getting scarce.  Hetero men can have Megan Fox but are women to be content with lovable, out-of-shape losers. Calling Cary Grant’s.

And of course, there was “the schlong” appearance.   All bow to it. Ratings for movies do. Women’s body parts — revered by poets, deemed dangerous by most cultures and religions, covered by fundamentalists, respected by offspring — get a mere PG-13 rating.  Showing the semen sack though can get you nailed with an R or even an NC-17 rating. Yet, it’s becoming more common: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2 or 3 times), Bruno, Hangover, the list goes on. Great blog on the ludicrous ratings by Lee Goldberg — separate post as I can’t figure out how to embed it here.

In a way, it’s a hurray! It’s not all wrapped up with its untouchable status. Yet a hetero woman can’t help but feel cheated. Just as most bachelorettes don’t leave women too excited by a male stripper whom we all know to be most likely gay, the nude male body doesn’t have the same kind of excitement as a titty tease for the hetero male.  Although Daniel Craig get tortured in Quantum Solace wasn’t too tortuous for the female viewership…

Observation: men are not too discriminatory in the women — or body parts — that turn them on in real life.  I know for a fact that there are still strippers with less than 10 fingers and toes that men pay for in the backwoods of Kentucky.  Yet, the media promotes all sorts of images women obsess over.  Whereas, many women in real life complain about a man being out of shape yet men aren’t so concerned about it.  Ahhh…the power of mass media.


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